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Women with beautiful feet and sandals, from flip flops to elegant high heels. Candid shots and models, shoe play and dangling.
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Review from pri8

I wrote the guy. Taking videos like that is not cheap. Cameras, time, people covering you with candid shots... I pay him every month because I want to help him get his shots. Nobody else that I know on internet does candids the way he does.

Member : Yes

Rating : 10/10

Review from Marcus S.

I've been a member on and off for many years. They have a varied update schedule, sometimes they update fast, other times they are slow. That's wha I prefer to sigh up once in a while. But they are one of the best sites I've ever seen in terms of girls and image quality. Most of their girls are really cute, so I don't have to skip girls when going through the models list. Some are young and others are nice young women. As for candids, nobody comes even close to their videos and their quality. Simply amazing. But as said before, their update frequency varies a lot, which is annoying sometimes.

Member : Yes

Rating : 10/10

Review from boris

They really have tons of stuff and some girls are quite young. Their update schedule varies but all considered it's one of my favorite sites.

Member : No

Rating : 9/10

Review from marcus

Among all the candid sites this one has the most amazing photos and pictures. In some cases you see the skin detail on the girls feet. The guy must have held a nice camera right next to the girls! Older shots are not too good and recent shots seem to concentrate on models more than candids. Thats too bad. If I see them adding more quality candids, I'll join again. For now I prefer waiting. Still, they offer a fair amoung of incredible candids with quality that I could not find anywhere else. You can see all their older pics too, so there is really plenty of good stuff. Navigation is OK but somewhat complex when you look for older candids.

Member : No

Rating : 7/10

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